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Genetic Engineering An Controversial Issue - 1843 Words

Genetic Engineering One of the most controversial topics is the genetic engineering which has raised much alarm amongst most scholars. According to Daniell (134), the phenomenon is so incompatible with the Mother Nature which at first sounded very unnatural. This type of modification attempts to change what was provided to the human beings by their mother nature which makes the idea to be arrogant. Genetic engineering in actual sense is not a new idea at all. Some examples of genetic engineering include the domestication of plants and animals to serve our interests of mating choices. The society at large has accepted this kind of practice which has a very popular history. In arguing out the aspect, we wonder what really tends to make the†¦show more content†¦Various committees have also gone ahead in warning against the risks that the environment faces to be damaged by only applying the use of genetic engineering idea. Genetic engineering has led to some helpful results in the past such as invo lving plants like tomato and tobacco in coming up with interferon and insulin from such plants. Irrespective of all these benefits, there exists two conflicting philosophies which are: the aim to maximize the potential of scientific knowledge and fear of the unknown. However, elaboration on this is still not clear. Organizations such as Greenpeace are at the forefront in opposing the practice of genetic engineering which only serves the purpose of altering the natural environment (Hu and Lizhong, 720). However, on the other hand, we have the National Academy of Science which does genetic engineering experiments to pursue both technological and scientific advancement. These two groups recently have been differing in the basis that they are doing this to fulfill the human beings interests to their level best. Their claims are facilitated by having through genetic truth and agendas which are modified to meet their goals and interests. A good example making this idea of genetic engineering to be controversial is when DNA was discovered in 1944. The scientists behind this had no ide a of the ramifications that could result from the same. Due to the topic ofShow MoreRelatedIs Genetic Engineering Be A Rising Controversial Issue?1407 Words   |  6 PagesGenetic engineering has become a rising controversial issue in the world today because of its possible positive uses but further more its likely serious consequences and downsides. To understand the controversy we must first understand exactly what human genetic engineering is. Genetic engineering is the manipulation of the human genome to alter or get rid of undesirable genes; these include negative physical traits along with health related genetic problems such as disease and disability. PotentiallyRead MoreGenetic Engineering Research Paper1584 Words   |  7 PagesGenetic engineering Explain how this technology works. Genetic engineering otherwise called genetic modification and can basically be described as the ‘direct manipulation of an organism’s genome’ which is the complete set of genetic material of an animal, plant or other living thing. This direct manipulation works by using modern DNA technology. This ‘involves the introduction of foreign DNA also known as synthetic genes into the organism of interest’ or curiousity. Genetic engineering does notRead MoreThe Genetic Engineering Debate Essay1411 Words   |  6 PagesIn recent discussions of genetic engineering, a controversial issue has been whether genetic engineering is ethical or not. In â€Å"The Person, the Soul, and Genetic Engineering,† JC Polkinghorne discusses about the moral status of the very early embryo and therapeutic cloning. J. H. Brooke’s article â€Å"Commentary on: The Person, the Soul, and Genetic Engineering† comments and state opinions that counter Polkinghorne’s article. On the other hand John Harris’s â€Å"â€Å"Goodbye Dolly?† The Ethics of Human Cloning†Read MoreBenefits Of Genetically Engineered Food1240 Words   |  5 Pagesand animal genetic codes for the ultimate purpose of increasing food abundance is an increasingly popular, yet controversial practice in the 21st century. Genetic engineering of food is done for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is increasing food supplies in the world, especially for the third world countries. However, there are arguments and even activist movements against genetic engineering of food, which begs the question â€Å"why is genetically engineered food so controversial?† The proRead MoreSale - Pro Plans Are 20% Off Today View Plans. Gradeproof1164 Words   |  5 PagesLevel: 16.59 years Reading Time: 2 minutes Speaking Time: 4 minutes Type your title here... Genetic Engineering is a common theme of Gattaca, Splice, and Blade Runner. Gattaca takes place in a future where the best opportunities are given people that have the best genes, as a result from Genetic Engineering (cite). The main character Vincent has not been genetically engineered and has many health issues like Myopia (cite). He aspires to become an astronaut. So he uses the genes of someone now paralyzedRead MoreEssay about Applications of Gene Modification869 Words   |  4 Pagesa lot of controversial topics and hot button issues. New breakthroughs in science and technology can leave people upset and not ready for change. One of the most prevalent examples of a controversial science is genetic engineering. The modification of genes is becoming a popular application in science, but some people aren’t ready. Genetic engineering will play a big part in the scientific world in the next few years. Most people don’t think this is a good thing, but the use of genetic modificationRead MoreThe Ethical Concept Of Genetic Engineering1157 Words   |  5 PagesThis assignment will discuss the ethical concept of genetic engineering and how it demonstrates its relevance to midwifery professional practice and maternity care. Before analysing genetic engineering and looking at the arguments as to whether it is ethically right, an understanding of what the terms and lawful procedures mean should be determined. In order to construct this assignment, multiple resources were accessed. These resources included analysing books, both hard copies and electronicallyRead MoreExamples of Genetically Engineered Foods632 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Example 1: Genetically engineering fish to have fluorescent glows One of the most disturbing scientific findings of recent years was the extent of the influence upon the endocrine system of various common chemicals, industrial products, and common pharmaceuticals such as birth control pills. To track the presence of endocrine disruptors within the bodies of fish, which have been shown to be particularly vulnerable to the changes caused by such products in the environment, scientists genetically-engineeredRead MoreUtilitarianism and Genetic Engineering1581 Words   |  7 PagesUtilitarianism and Genetic Engineering In the past thirty years, humans are witnessing a huge revolution in the genetic engineering industry. Having identified most of the Human Genome, gene sequencing has become programmed and extremely fast, and laboratory techniques in molecular biology allow for in-vitro fertilization and transfer of genetic material. Gene therapy and repair based on stem cells research allows for replacement of a defected allele in the DNA, and even a whole damaged tissue inRead MoreGenetic Engineering Of Food Is Good For The Welfare Of Humanity1135 Words   |  5 PagesGenetic engineering of food is one of the most controversial issues facing the universe today. Genetic engineering or modification of food is the artificial modification of the genetic constituents of plants and animals that produce food (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2015b). Genetic engineering per se is often conducted in the laboratory through a number of technologies whose primary role is to incorporate the desired qualities int o the genetically engineered food crops and animals. Even though

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Human Resource Management and Human Capital Management Essay

First define and then compare and contrast Human Resource Management (HRM) with Human Capital Management (HCM) by building upon class content and discussion. Human Resource management is the process of managing individuals within an organization, using the policies, practices and systems that influence the employees. Human Capital Management is the managing of individuals based on their skills, training, experience, intelligence, relationships and insight. Human resource management (HRM) is the management of an organizations most valued assets, the individuals who are employed by the organization, while human capital management HCM is related it varies slightly. An example of HRM is anything involving the day to day operations of†¦show more content†¦The second measurable would be to take the total income of the organization and dividing it by the number or employees, this would demonstrate what each employee costs. The third measurable is done by taking the total operating budget and dividing by the number of employees. Each of the variables can be used to give measurable data on the individuals within an organization; however these numbers do not provide the whole picture. When numbers that are based on the entire organization are used every employee is lumped into one subset. This does not differentiate between employees who do the bare minimum or employees who excel at creating profit for the organization. The best measurable will use a combination of actual value and individual value through performance reviews and individual measurable data. Your Instructor has said that successful business and organizational leaders should be adept at strategically developing and tactically deploying human capital to maximize organizational output. Given that you agree with this statement, please provide at least three examples of strategic goals and three tactical initiatives that demonstrate both your understanding and ongoing commitment to what you learned in this Human Capital Management class. Strategic goals: 1. Create a supportive environment for employees toShow MoreRelatedImplications of Intellectual Capital on Human Resources Management3213 Words   |  13 PagesTITLE: IMPLICATIONS OF INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL ON HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction pg 3 2. Elements of Intellectual Capital pg. 3 3. Preserving Intellectual Capital pg. 4 4. The Importance Of Implementing Intellectual Capital Processes pg. 4-5 5. The Value Factor Read MoreHuman Resource Management : The Effective Methodology Of Managing Human Capital956 Words   |  4 Pagestopic is Human Resource Management: The effective Methodology of Managing Human Capital. The second topic is The Constraint of Women in Leadership Roles. The demand of a transforming world influences roles in human resource management and women occupying leadership position. Both topics depth with challenges that produce opportunities to structure organizations future. In order to sustain the advancement of the United States economy, organizations need restructure the way its Human Resource administrateRead MoreHuman Resource Management Competencies Essay985 Words   |  4 PagesChallenges faced in Human Resource Management in the Workplace Romonia Fullenwilder HRM5004 Human Resource Management Instructor: Dr. Jean Gordon Abstract Today the Human Resources Management (HRM) professional role is integral with the strategic growth of an organization by managing its Human Capital. Human Capital is defined asRead MoreThe Long Term Performance Of A Company1558 Words   |  7 Pagesdecisions and actions taken by the highest level of the organization to achieve the performance targets. In this context, the strategic management is defined, therefore, as that set of decisions and actions taken by management to assess the long term performance of a company. The world of organizations in the past few years is turning more and more attention to human resources, since the quality and skills of the latter are a real competitive advantage for companies operating in all sectors. In the lastRead MoreCreating A Learning Organization?1279 Words   |  6 Pagesgather intellectual capital, the human relations activity, relationship capital, and organizational capital, in such a way as to highlight and answer the following questions: †¢ What are the characteristics of a learning organization? †¢ How can an organization employ intellectual capital in order to create a learning organization? †¢ How can an organization utilize human relations, in order to create a learning organization? †¢ How can an organization best harness relationship capital to create a learningRead MoreSystems Consideration in Hris1157 Words   |  5 PagesSystems Consideration in Human Resources Information Systems LaTonia Roberson Strayer University—Online Dr. Zelphia Brown January 27, 2013 Systems Consideration in Human Resources Information System Abstract This paper considers several comprehensive Human Resources Management Software packages and their interaction when deployed as a software as a service (SaaS) solution. Epicor HCM solutions and Icims Talent Platform areRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Organizational Goals1587 Words   |  7 Pagespast two decades, where the best-intentioned human resource processes attempting to align human resource practices with organisational goals have become mismatched. Due to external factors such as globalization, advances in technology and changing views regarding the importance of human resources as a competitive advantage for organisations, the nature of work has been redefined (Horwitz, Heng, Quazi, 2003). This has caused human resource management to become more than just a function, but a strategicRead MoreAnalysis Of Kodak, The Upper Management1117 Words   |  5 PagesIn the case study of Kodak, the upper management was severely ineffective and the company in enough trouble, th at the organization’s CEO stood on a stage and hacked a wooden lectern to pieces (Bolman and Deal, 2008). Bolman and Deal (2008) describes a situation where there was intense competition, high costs, declining customer satisfaction, and low employee morale. The environment was polarizing every part of the organization and the management decided to make structural changes to how businessRead MoreImpact Of Hrm Practices On Employee Performance Essay883 Words   |  4 Pages2015) entitled: Islamic human resource practices and organizational performance: some findings in a developing country. The study showed some significant and positive relationships between Islamic human resource practices and organizational performance. A study by (Azmi , 2015) entitled: â€Å"Human Resource Practices and Organizational Performance:A Preliminary Finding of Islamic Organizations in Malaysia†. This study concluded that there is only one Islamic human resource practice – training andRead MoreBoeing Company1159 Words   |  5 PagesPaper One reason why so many organizations succeed and be able to sustain their long-term goals is their effective and efficient organizational ability. The organizing function of management involves the allocation of the company resources. When the management of the organization allocates its resources with strategic planning and execution in mind, the organization can successfully satisfy the requirements of both internal and external stakeholders. On the other hand, when an organization

Dominant Position of a Company Free Essays

According to the European competition case law, a dominant position is defined as â€Å"the power of a firm to behave to an appreciable extent independently of its competitors, customers and consumers†. It is obvious that a firm or several firms which hold a dominant position can determine price, the amount of production, supply and this is because these firms can act independently of their competitors and customers. As a result, dominant position can lead to the market power and in this situation a firm or several firms have an ability to individually make a big influence on the price and total quantity produced which could result to the market failure. We will write a custom essay sample on Dominant Position of a Company or any similar topic only for you Order Now But does this definition make an economic sense and how it should be interpreted in monopoly and oligopoly? Firstly, we need to understand exactly the actual meaning of a dominant position. It is a situation when a firm has an ability to behave independently of its competitors, customers and ultimately the final consumer. A well known example of monopolistic dominance is Microsoft’s market in PC operating systems. In monopoly some members in a market can gain market power allowing them to stop other important gains from trades and this can make the allocation of recourses inefficient due to imperfect competition. As going back to my example, Microsoft illegally used its market power by bundling its web browser with its operating system. In economics, market power is the ability of a firm to independently determine the market price and the production of a good or a service, of course, in perfectly competitive markets – market power vanishes. From this example we actually see that Microsoft has an ability to make a big influence on the price or other outcomes in the market by using its dominant position because that kind of a firm can raise price, outcomes without worrying of losing its customers. On the other hand, not only one firm can hold a dominant position, but also a dominant position can be held among several firms and this is called oligopolistic dominance. For example: in 2008 Verizon, ATT, Sprint, Nextel and T-Mobile together controlled approximately 89 % of the United States cellular phone market. In this situation sometimes firms can decide to make some secret agreements in order, for example, to raise prices of cellular phones leading to the profit maximization, knowing that they still are not going to lose their costumers. Of course, there is opinion that oligopoly is better than monopoly, because oligopolistic dominance (several firms who have a dominant position) could help to stabilize unstable markets, for example dominant firms could set some kind of prices which could help other producers to survive in the certain market and this is called a price leadership, however the welfare of economics in oligopoly is not easy to analyze and to determine if it is going to have a positive reaction. Furthermore, now we know that the definition of dominant position makes an economic sense, because when a firm has a power to behave independently and can make a big influence on the welfare of the economics (prices, total quantity produced, efficiency in allocating the resources), market power and later market failure could occur. We also know that a market failure is a situation when the allocation of recourses is inefficient due to imperfect competition when not all sellers and buyers can be satisfied. In order to prevent market failure, each government imposes some policies such as subsidies, taxes, minimum wage, some price controls, however sometimes happens that these policies also create inefficiency in allocating the recourses and it is called government failure. Going back to the original topic, dominant position is not an exception. According to the European competition case law, dominant positions are not forbidden but in order for firms not to abuse that position they have a special responsibility: dominant firms must not allow their strategic decisions to make a negative influence on competition in the market, in other words, dominant firms cannot intentionally prevent or eliminate competition. Moreover, in order to determine the definition of dominant position in monopoly, at first we need to understand the basic aspects of it. Monopoly is a situation when a certain agent is the only one who supplies a particular good, of course, it is obvious that this market has a lack of economic competition. In monopoly a company has a much bigger profit than it could expect in competitive market, because that only firm regulates all the prices and services for that certain good. As a result, it can raise the price and maximize its profit without worrying of losing its customers. So, the dominant position in monopoly is a market with a single agent which has a power to operate independently and has an ability to make a big influence on the prices and production. Finally, to do the same in oligopoly we also need to understand the basic aspects of it. Oligopoly is the market share of several firms which together make a big influence to the price or other outcomes of a certain market, however the difference between monopoly and oligopoly is that in oligopoly firms do not operate independently, because then they could lose some of their customers to their competitors. That is why several dominant firms always try to cooperate together and sometimes they even make some secret agreements in order to maximize their profits. So, the dominant position in oligopoly is the market share of several dominant firms who have an ability to make big influence on the prices and production. To sum up, we actually see that a dominant position can be defined variously in different areas but still all definitions will have the same meaning: a dominant position creates a market power which evidence to the inefficiency of allocating the resources in economic markets and sometimes leading to the market failure, but in some cases dominant position is the key of stabilizing unstable markets. How to cite Dominant Position of a Company, Essay examples

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Sexual Harassment Essays - Workplace Bullying, Business Ethics

Sexual Harassment Over the years, many people have believed that the issue of sexual harassment should not be discussed in public. Sexual harassment was to be discussed behind closed doors. In spite of this, the social and political systems have changed instantaneously. This social problem has affected men and women throughout time, however, it seems that the women of our society more closely look at this issue. This social topic has encouraged women to establish organizations in order to help them discuss the issues more openly and to demand equality including fairness and justice throughout the workplace and in their social lives as well. In recent years, sexual harassment has been one of the most serious and widespread problems found in the workplace. For this reason, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed, by the United Nations in 1948, to help everyone in their fight for self-respect and dignity. Indeed sexual harassment is an issue that complicates employment decisions. People also recognize that it is an issue involving the creation of an antagonistic or offensive work environment. In many instances, the issue of sexual harassment is not something minor that can be easily solved. The issue of sexual harassment pertains to everyone's apprehension of an individual's comportment due to our societal social norms. Sexual harassment, in most cases, involves a superior's behavior towards a subordinate. As mentioned before, most forms of sexual harassment occur in the workplace. An employee can charge an employer with sexual harassment as a result of the misconduct of managers, fellow employees, vendors, and even customers. Eventually, this can cause a hostile work environment. 3 It is true, for the most part, that sexual harassment comes in many forms in the workplace. There are two significant ways in which one can identify sexual harassment. They are called the "Quid Pro Quo" and the "Hostile Environment Harassment." The essence of the Quid Pro Quo theory of sexual harassment occurs when an employee is confronted with sexual demands to keep her job or obtain a promotion. This is a true violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is also referred to as the Title VII Act. Even though sexual harassment by its very nature is complicated to define, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides a general description of sexual advances. The several basic varieties of the Quid Pro Quo harassment indicate the unwelcome sexual advances and requests for sexual favors. It also consist of other verbal or physical conducts dealing with a sexual nature of constituting sexual harassment when the submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly just because a term or a condition of an individual's employment. Secondly, the individual is used as a basis for employment decisions affecting such individual. Finally, the result of such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. (Aggarwal, 89-93) Another form of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. The hostile environment theory involves sexual advances between the supervisor and the employee. An employee's work performance will be less effective due to these so-called sexual advances. However, a victim can file a complaint against their harasser so that they do not continuously force them to participate. Consequently, they will be forced to hand in their resignation. This issue of power has nothing to do with sex. For this reason, both 4 male and females can be the harasser. The harasser's main purpose is to force another to feel or act in a certain way. Sometimes, sexual harassment causes an individual from effectively performing his/her job. As a result, is undermines an individual's dignity. In our society, there are three essential factors that relate to the issue of sexual advances. These elements are a divergence of perceptions, the complexity of human behavior and the attitudes of a sexist. (Lindemann, 46-48) It is often difficult to draw a line between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in a working environment because of the existence of these ingredients. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination, which can manifest itself in terms of physical and psychological acts. Physically, the recipient may be the victim of

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Gouverneur K. Warren - Civil War - Major General - Union Army

Gouverneur K. Warren - Civil War - Major General - Union Army Gouverneur K. Warren - Early Life Career: Born at Cold Spring, NY on January 8, 1830, Gouverneur K. Warren was named for a local Congressman and industrialist.   Raised locally, his younger sister, Emily, later married Washington Roebling and played a key role in the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.   A strong student, Warren obtained admission to West Point in 1846.   Traveling a short distance down the Hudson River, he continued to display his academic skills as a cadet.   Graduating second in the Class of 1850, Warren received a commission as a brevet second lieutenant in the Corps of Topographical Engineers.   In this role, he traveled west and aided in projects along the Mississippi River as well as helped plan routes for railroads. Serving as an engineer on Brigadier General William Harneys staff in 1855, Warren first experienced combat at the Battle of Ash Hollow during the First Sioux War.   In the wake of the conflict, he continued to survey the lands west of the Mississippi with the goal of determining a route for the transcontinental railroad.   Ranging through the Nebraska Territory, which included parts of modern-day Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana, Warren helped create the first detailed maps of the region as well  as extensively surveyed the Minnesota River Valley.   Gouverneur K. Warren -  The Civil War Begins: A first lieutenant, Warren had returned east by 1861 and filled a post at West Point teaching mathematics.   With the beginning of the Civil War in April, he departed the academy and began aiding in raising a local regiment of volunteers.   Successful, Warren was appointed lieutenant colonel of the 5th New York Infantry on May 14.   Ordered to  Fortress Monroe, the regiment took part in Major General  Benjamin Butlers defeat at the Battle of Big Bethel on June 10.   Sent to Baltimore in late July, the  regiment aided in constructing fortifications on Federal Hill.   In  September, following the promotion of the 5th New Yorks commander, Colonel Abram Duryà ©e, to brigadier general, Warren assumed command of the regiment with the rank of colonel. Returning to the Peninsula in the spring of 1862, Warren advanced with Major General George B. McClellans Army of the Potomac and took part in the Siege of Yorktown.   During this time, he frequently assisted the armys chief topographical engineer, Brigadier General Andrew A. Humphreys, by conducting reconnaissance missions and drafting maps.   As the campaign progressed, Warren assumed command  of a brigade in Brigadier General George Sykes division of  V Corps.   On  June 27, he sustained a wound in the leg during the Battle of Gaines Mill, but remained in command.   As the Seven Days Battles progressed he again  saw action at the Battle of  Malvern Hill where his men aided in repelling Confederate assaults.   Gouverneur K. Warren -  Ascent to Command:   With the failure of the Peninsula Campaign, Warrens brigade returned north and saw action at the Second Battle of Manassas in late August.   In the fighting, his men were driven back by a massive assault from Major General James Longstreets corps.   Recovering, Warren and his command were present the following month at the Battle of Antietam but remained in reserve during the fighting.   Promoted to brigadier general on September 26, he continued to lead his brigade and returned to combat in December during the Union defeat at the Battle of Fredericksburg.   With the ascent of Major General Joseph Hooker to command of the Army of the Potomac in  early 1863, Warren received an assignment as the armys chief topographical engineer.   This soon saw him advance to become the  armys chief engineer. In May, Warren saw action at the Battle of Chancellorsville  and though  it resulted in a stunning  victory for General Robert E. Lees  Army of  Northern Virginia, he was commended for his performance in the campaign.   As Lee began moving north to invade Pennsylvania, Warren advised Hooker on the best routes for intercepting the enemy.   When Major General George G. Meade succeeded Hooker on June 28, he continued to  help direct the armys movements.   As the two armies clashed at the Battle of Gettysburg  on July 2, Warren recognized the importance of the heights at Little Round Top which was situated off the Union left.   Racing Union forces to the hill, his efforts just prevented Confederate  troops from seizing the  heights and turning Meades flank.   In the fighting, Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlains 20th Maine famously held the line against the attackers.  Ã‚  In recognition for his actions at Gettysburg, Warren received a promotion to major general o n August 8. Gouverneur K. Warren - Corps Commander: With this promotion, Warren assumed command of II Corps as  Major General Winfield S. Hancock had been badly wounded at Gettysburg.   In October, he led the corps to victory over Lieutenant General A.P. Hill at the Battle of Bristoe Station and showed skill and discretion  a month later during the Mine  Run Campaign.   In the spring of 1864, Hancock returned to active duty and the Army of the Potomac reorganized under guidance of Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant and Meade.   As a part of this, Warren received command of V Corps on March 23.   With the beginning of the Overland Campaign in May, his men saw extensive fighting during the Battles of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House.   As Grant pushed south, Warren and the armys cavalry commander, Major General Philip Sheridan, repeatedly  clashed as the latter felt that the V Corps leader was too cautious.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   As the armies moved closer to Richmond, Warrens corps again saw action at Cold Harbor before shifting further south to enter the Siege of Petersburg.   In an effort to force the situation, Grant and Meade began extending Union lines south and west.   Moving as part of these operations, Warren won a victory over Hill at the Battle of Globe Tavern in August.   A month later, he achieved another success in the fighting around Peebles Farm.   During this time, Warrens relationship with Sheridan remained strained.   In February 1865, he saw substantial action at the Battle of Hatchers Run.   Following the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Fort Stedman in late March 1865, Grant instructed Sheridan to strike Confederate forces at the key crossroads of Five Forks.    Though Sheridan requested Major General Horatio G. Wrights VI Corps support the operation, Grant instead assigned V Corps as it was better positioned.   Aware of Sheridans issues with Warren, the Union leader gave the former permission to relieve him if the situation warranted.   Attacking on April 1, Sheridan soundly defeated enemy forces led by Major General George Pickett at the Battle of Five Forks.   In the fighting, he believed that V Corps moved too slowly and that Warren was out of position.   Immediately after the battle, Sheridan relieved Warren and replaced him with Major General Charles Griffin.    Gouverneur K. Warren - Later Career: Briefly sent to lead the Department of Mississippi, an irate Warren resigned his commission as a major general of volunteers on May 27 and reverted to his rank of major of engineers in the regular army.   Serving in the Corps of Engineers for the next seventeen years, he worked along the Mississippi River and aided in the construction of railroads.   During this time, Warren  repeatedly requested a court of inquiry into his actions at Five Forks in an effort to clear his reputation.   These were refused until Grant left the White House.   Finally, in 1879, President Rutherford B. Hayes ordered a court convened.   After extensive hearings and testimony, the court concluded that Sheridans actions had been unjustified.    Assigned to Newport, RI, Warren died there on August 8, 1882, three months before the courts findings were formally published.   Only fifty-two, the cause of death was listed as acute liver failure related to diabetes.   As per his wishes, he was buried locally in Island Cemetery with no military honors and wearing civilian clothes.    Selected Sources: Civil War Trust: Gouverneur K. WarrenCivil War: Gouverneur K. WarrenNNDB: Gouverneur K. Warren

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College Essay Tips

College Essay Tips Writing an essay is simple with these college essay tips. If you take your time and utilize the college essay tips, the possibilities are endless for creating that excellent essay that grabs everyone’s attention. College essay tip #1- Come up with a focal point or a thesis. If you don’t do this then you run the risk of having a paper that strays from idea to idea without any direction. If this happens you will lose readers. College Essay Tip #2 - Coming up with facts and examples to prove your thesis is another of those important college essay tips. Just like in writing a story, try to prove this thesis in form of a story. Don’t just state bold facts and examples; show the reader by telling a story that leads up to your focal point. College Essay Tip #3 – Making your introduction the most important part of your essay. If the beginning of your essay moves slowly and hesitantly the possibility of losing your reader is strong. You need to spend time on the beginning and use every college essay tips you can think of to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading. College Essay Tip #4 - Be as original as possible in your writing. The college professors have seen so many of the same topics over the years. You can make yours stand out simply by utilizing creative writing. Make it interesting so that the reader doesn’t want to put it down. College Essay Tip #5 – Create pictures in your reader’s minds through your words. Try to write by appealing to the reader’s senses. By using imagery in words, you can capture anyone’s attention because you’ll be creating a movie in their heads. Remember, college professors have dedicated their lives to their subjects, and they are tremendously exited when their students display interest. College Essay Tip #6 – Use concise words to prove your point as opposed to making huge long sentences with words that the readers have to look up for their meanings. Readers tend to remain with what they are reading all the way to the end when the words flow together easily. If they have to stop and re-read a sentence or try to figure out the meaning of a word too often, they’ll likely put your manuscript down at some point out of boredom. College Essay Tip #7 – Proofread your essay before submission. Do not rely on your computer to proof your document for you because if you’ve misspelled a word in such a way that it reads like another word, the computer will recognize it as a word and not correct it. One example of this would be form and from. Both are legitimate words in the English dictionary but they have entirely different uses. Read your manuscript out loud to yourself or preferably someone else. This way, if you feel yourself getting to an awkward spot where it doesn’t flow, you’ll know that a change is needed. By utilizing some of the basic college essay tips, you’ll be able to write a successful piece that will have readers reading for more. This is especially true when you can get a professor to read with interest considering they read essays all throughout their careers. College essay tips can be extremely useful knowledge that can carry a student through their college years and onto their business lives.

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Impact of the Golden Exiles on the cities economic growth and Essay

Impact of the Golden Exiles on the cities economic growth and solidarity among its immigrant community - Essay Example The initial group of Cuban self-exiles known as the "Golden Exiles" was responsible for establishing a prosperous and atypical exile community that would to this day exercise considerable influence over all early and subsequent Latin American immigrants living in Miami. . The Cubans who left the island for Miami after the Cuban Revolution of 1959 were on a political mission, they were to form a counter-revolutionary front, however to avoid nationalization of their assets they left with as much money as they could and it is this salvaged wealth that became the capital for businesses set up by Cuban-American entrepreneurs. This group was comprised of many professional who were educated, experienced and held well-established connections. For this they were able to contribute to the economic and social growth of the area in which they settled. Many other Latin Americans who later migrated to the US were also seeking political asylum as was the case with many Nicaraguans who were fleeing the dictatorial Samoza regime during the later years of the 1970s. However, desperate economic circumstances and poor living conditions soon replaced these political issues as the main reason for immigration throughout Latin America. ... y Alex Stepick and Carol Dutton Stepick in the article "Power and Identity: Miami Cubans" is quite poignant and demonstrates one way in which immigrants have been able to come together for a common goal. It is because of this that they have held great political influence and often their votes determine electoral outcomes in the state and senators are quick to offer incentives that would appeal to the group. However, dissent is becoming apparent within the ranks. The "Golden Exiles" and their supporters are adamant in their desire to implement measures that could break the socialist hold on Cuba and have fiercely backed the trade embargo that bans all economic interaction between Cuba and the US. On the other hand, many new immigrants want to open dialogue between the two countries with the hope of improving the economic situation since they still hold many close ties with people in Cuba. While these initial immigrant groups were able to reach and maintain a level of economic prosperity and independence, many other groups seem not to be able to achieve such mobility and opt to form communities such as those prevalent in Latin America cities. They forge solidarity based on more immediate and common concerns such as marginalization and adversity, and the need to preserve their culture. These issues seem to spring mainly from identity confusion because they not American enough to be accepted in the wider society but they are neither sufficiently Hispanic to claim their ancestral country as their own. While this does not allow them access to "white" society, the Latin American immigrant community can show solidarity with other historically marginalized groups such as the African-American groups. Though solidarity exists to a great extent, one cannot ignore the friction